The Story

January 2023 marks a special moment in the history of the Church. 250 years ago, on the first Sunday of the year, a young pastor and former slave trader stood up to introduce a hymn he had written to accompany his sermon. Its title? Amazing Grace.

Arguably the most widely known hymn, both inside and outside of the Church, the message of Amazing Grace has inspired hope in the wake of tragedy and resonates with all walks of life. And yet the hope of Newton’s popular hymn is grounded in the message of the gospel.

Amazing Grace serves as a powerful parable of salvation, repentance, and the enduring grace of God through Jesus Christ. Now, perhaps more than ever, the story of the hymn and the life of the man who wrote it needs to be told.

The Documentary movie

Haven Ministries, a Christian media ministry founded in Hollywood in 1934, is producing a high-end documentary film to retell the story of Newton and his most famous hymn.

Bruce Hindmarsh, Professor of Spiritual Theology and History of Christianity at Regent College in Vancouver, BC, holding an Oxford doctorate, is the world’s leading scholar on Newton. He will be joined by a variety of other scholars and Christian musicians to explore this 18th-century drama.

The 90-minute documentary will be shot on location in London, Liverpool and Olney, Buckinghamshire, England, to bring the story back to life. Blending reenactment of key life scenes and cutting edge motion graphics, the documentary will bring contemporary viewers into the life of Newton.

The documentary will be released to a wide audience: Movie theaters, major streaming services, DVD retail, and churches.

The Book

Bruce Hindmarsh is joined by New York Times bestselling author Craig Borlase to craft a new biography. The book from a major publishing house will be released with the movie to help readers dig deeper into the life of the man who himself spent time in slavery before finding grace. The hymn and how God continues to use it in the lives of people today will be explored. 

The Course

To reach Christians and non-Christians alike, a multi-week study will be released for small groups and churches, teaching the Amazing Grace that Newton found in Jesus. Along with a leader’s guide and participants’ manual, each week will include bonus video material.

The Cost

The budget for this production is $1.48 million.

The book will be underwritten by a major Christian publisher.

The budget for this production is $25,000.

Once the funding goal is reached for the English release, we seek an additional $300,000 for a Spanish version. It will premiere in churches across Cuba, which is experiencing the greatest revival of grace in the Western Hemisphere. This version will then be rolled out in 2023 to the rest of the Spanish-speaking world.

We are looking for Gospel Patrons to give in units of $100,000 to complete the making of this film for release leading into Easter 2023.

Perhaps the Lord is calling you to become an executive producer with a greater Kingdom investment.

Please contact us to set up a call with Charles Morris.

A Little more about

John Newton

A storm at sea and a shipwreck are part of what God used to bring John Newton to faith in Jesus Christ. But only after leaving the life of a sea captain slave trader did he begin to understand grace, coming under the preaching and friendship of John Wesley and George Whitefield. 

Late in life, many years a pastor in England, Newton helped William Wilberforce lead the charge to abolish slavery.

Four days before Christmas, 1807, he was hardly able to speak on his death bed. He whispered to a friend,

“My memory is nearly gone. But I remember two things: That I am a great sinner …

and that Christ — is a great savior!”